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History of the Fringe Festival

The Greensboro Fringe Festival, which began in 2003 as a way for independent theatre producers to combine resources and reach broader audiences, has grown and become more diverse.

The theatre artists of the Greensboro Fringe Festival do not rehash contemporary plays or musicals. All of the pieces featured at the Greensboro Fringe Festival are premieres performed by local talent who do not have a regular venue to showcase their art. You never know, you may see the first production of the next "Wicked"... or you could very well witness a play about potatoes growing!

Greensboro Fringe Festival Mission Statement
The mission of the Greensboro Fringe Festival is to support new and innovative performing artists by showcasing their creative works in a professional environment. The Greensboro Fringe Festival is designed to bring attention to downtown Greensboro and to promote it as an exciting centre of entertainment and culture. The Greensboro Fringe Festival seeks to introduce audiences to shows that they would not have the opportunity to see elsewhere and to build an audience base for emerging artists.

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